Cream against cellulite spots Shock Effect Cream-Gel, 200 ml
GEOMAR cream against cellulite spots The formula, supplemented with 95% ingredients of natural origin, contains a mixture of cocoa and ginseng and algae oil (an oily extract of chlorella algae), also contains caffeine and a mixture of 5 algae with...
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Face peeling mask with coral algae and iris, 2x7.5 ml
GEOMAR peeling mask for face The brightening peeling facial mask is a special procedure that moisturizes and gently removes dead cells and impurities from the skin of the face, promoting cell renewal, in just 5 minutes. Contains coral algae, a...
Face peeling mask Exfoliating & Regenerating, 2x7.5 ml
GEOMAR peeling mask for face Moisturizing and rejuvenating effect It is a special treatment that evens out the skin in just 5 minutes and gently removes dead cells and impurities, promoting cell renewal and reviving the natural glow. Contains AHA,...
Anti-cellulite scrub Fango Scrub Azione 2in1, 600 ml
GEOMAR anti-cellulite scrub The mud scrub helps reduce cellulite imperfections, even the most stubborn ones, thanks to the detoxifying and lipolytic effects of clay, caffeine and seaweed. The exfoliating micro-particles of perlite remove dirt and dead cells, leaving the skin...
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