Washing machine cleaner, 250g
Dr. BECKMANN Hygienic washing machine cleaner. Clean washing machine - fresh smell. Dirt particles and detergent residues invisible to the naked eye can accumulate in the washing machine. Over time, these residues can impair the performance of the washing machine....
Washing machine descaling tablets, 51 pcs.
GOOD & CHEAP anti-limescale tabs. Washing machine descaling tablets. Eliminates limescale deposits and protects the washing machine and heating elements from limescale deposits. Maintains washing power and reduces detergent consumption. Reduces the heating time of the heating elements, thus saving...
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Washing machine cleaner, 3 x 20g
Dr. BECKMANN washing machine cleaner (capsules) The company has developed a refreshing washing machine cleaner to easily and quickly clean and refresh your washing machine Soluble foil-coated capsules work with an instant wash program at 30°C Double freshness formula with...
Water softener and descaling gel Hygiene+, 500 ml
CALGON Hygiene+ Washing Machine Descaling Gel. Means for washing machine cleaning and hygiene. It has an antibacterial effect that kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria in the washing machine, disinfecting it deeply. Prevents the formation of limescale and protects...
Water softener and descaling gel 4in1 Power Gel, 500 ml
CALGON washing machine descaling gel It protects your washing machine from limescale, dirt, corrosion and bad odors Prevents the formation of limescale and protects the important parts of the washing machine Offers optimal washing machine protection Maintains the washing power...
Hygienic washing machine care product, 250 ml
CHANTECLAIR hygienic washing machine care product Washing machine disinfectant removes dirt, soap scum, limescale and unpleasant odors while eliminating bacteria. When used once a month, it ensures the operation of the washing machine, protecting its most important parts and optimizing...
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